200W LMC TC by Limitless Mods – Style

By | November 26, 2018

Limitless Mods is an American company that produces vaping hardware. On our site you could see reviews on their next devices – Color changing RDA rims , Limitless Atty and mechanical sleeve mod . In addition, we talked about their RDTA, which was created jointly with the Chinese company iJoy. Apparently, the guys decided that it was enough to engage in “mechanics” and move on to more complex segments of vaping. Stepped Limitless immediately to the flagship category 200W +. Meet the LMC TC at 200W.

200W LMC TC by Limitless mods

Design :

This company has always paid special attention to the design of their devices. This boxing mod, in my opinion, was no exception. In stock form, it already looks quite interesting. But besides this, it is worth considering that the manufacturer offers its customers several additional types of covers on the case, the number of which, I think, will all increase. 

200W LMC TC by Limitless mods

However, in the kit, you will not find additional details, you need to pay extra for everything, $ 30 for a set of replaceable covers 🙂 

Dimensions : 

Height – 92 mm. 
Width – 63.5 mm. 
Thickness – 23.8 mm. 
Weight – 200 g. 

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200W LMC TC by Limitless mods

Specifications :

A 200W + mod is something that any self-respecting manufacturer cannot do without. Whatever he is, he must be. The manufacturer of the board installed in this mod is not known to me, but I assume that it is China-made. And in vain, with the established DNA, or Yixi number of buyers, it would be much more. 

– adjustable power range from 10 to 200W; 
– supported resistance of the atomizer at cantal – from 0.08 to 5 ohm; 
– possible operating modes in thermo control mode – Ni200 / Titanium / SS; 
– temperature limit from 220 to 580 degrees Fahrenheit (100 – 300 Celsius).

200W LMC TC by Limitless mods

The board has all the necessary functions for a comfortable soaring. Do not worry about their safety, you will be allowed to protect against short circuits, improperly installed batteries, low voltage, overheating, and a cut-off of 10 seconds. 

200W LMC TC by Limitless mods

The power supply box – mod – two 18650 batteries, and this with a maximum power figure of 200W. Do you think Limitless mods could make a miracle and make the board issue 200W? It seems to me not, and another 200W mod appeared on the market with a maximum speed of 150-160W. 

200W LMC TC by Limitless mods

200W LMC TC by Limitless mods

Now let’s talk about this. What is the relationship Limitless Modsto this boxing fashion? I think that only the logo here is from them, and one of the many Chinese manufacturing companies was engaged in the development and production. Although, this is only my guess, and maybe the Americans themselves were doing everything. 

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