Innokin Coolfire Four Evaluate

By | December 7, 2017

Innokin Coolfire IV Intro

In the following paragraphs we check out the revolutionary Coolfire IV common box mod by Innokin.

TheCoolfire 4 is a captivating small container mod able to 40W, that has a 2000mAh electric battery that may flame into .2ohm.It possesses a great incredibly luxurious and good quality layout going without running shoes and is also different in the actively seeks a “box mod”.The Coolfire Four has attractive figure, even edges and a ergonomic office style, which fully actions at a distance the conventional “box” seem we’ve turn out to be used to on these type of equipment.

Abig appreciate it Henry at Innokin for submitting us supply for evaluate and a further 1 to get a long term free offer!

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InnokinCoolfire IV Features boasting

Package Content

Coolfire 4 device

Confidence adaptor

Flash asking cable tv

Training brochure

Battery pack removal brochure

Innokin graphics


Innokin Coolfire 4 (Reddish colored Edition)

Changing Present 3. – 7.5 volts adjustable by .1vincrements

Variable Wattage 6. – 40. t variable by .5Wincrements

2000mAh electric battery

Greatest end result latest of 12A

The bare minimum Opposition of .3 ohms (but could fireplace into .2ohm using the manual)

OnFor eachAway from turn for benefit

Micro Hardware Electricity 5VPer1c charging

Reduced voltage word of caution

Quick worldVersusAtomizer protection

Around-eliminate security

“Vape though Charging” pass-as a result of technological innovation

Existing or watts location reminiscence

Cause problems Defense

Effortless lanyard pit

Use the e-cig table

Significant Statements

How to change the Innokin Coolfire IV

The Coolfire 4 is incredibly simple to use and easy to steer.

Toturn the product on and off, you can utilize the information transition towards the end on the device or reach the capability control key triple.

Toswitch to electrical power manner reach the capability option or over press button as well.To interchange to existing function reach the capability press button and all the way down switch as well.

Tosee the quantity of puffs you must have done, reach the down and up control buttons in unison.

Toswitch the tv screen inclination, hit the down and up links and hold around 3 secs.

Toadjust the power level or current very first hold down the furthermore or less to uncover the tv screen then change it as soon as revealed to you.


Theoutside on the box claims that the bare minimum opposition is .3ohm, but inside the guidebook this process states that the Coolfire Intravenous can flames as a result of .2ohm.I am able to affirm to this and our Coolfire 4 have flame right down to .2ohm.


I do believe it our life is pretty good within the Coolfire Four like a 2000mAh power supply.To get a comparability the iStick 30W is 2200mAh.The Coolfire 4 lasts that you superior day of heavyish vaping over a .5ohm coil nailers.Increased challenge increases plus more reasonable esmoking indicates which the power must very last a short time.The battery potential for the size in the mod is fairly beneficial, but I can have adored to acquire noticed another 500-1000mAh the next time! It is neither a confident neither a negative as a result We’ve discussed it listed here.

Youcan cost the battery throughout the Universal serial bus traverse replenisher plus it will take some hours absolutely cost.

Electrical power

TheInnokin Coolfire Intravenous fire from 6-40W, that’s very decent.I’d personally have beloved to determine it fireplace somewhat better, to perhaps 60W, however assume the Coolfire IV is aimed toward individuals that wish to vape at cheaper wattages, which can be okay.

PowerButton Colorations

The capability button will light unique colors dependant upon the the battery kept.Green signifies pretty much totally billed, green half electrical power and red usually means very low strength!

How to change this Innokin Coolfire Intravenous

The Coolfire Intravenous can be quite easy to use as well as simple to get around.

Toturn these devices don / doff, either make use of the manual change in the bottoom on the device or hit the energy option 3 times.

Toswitch to watts manner reach the ability option and assend control key concurrently.To switch to voltage function hit the energy key and decrease press button concurrently.

Tosee the amount of puffs you have done, reach the along keys concurrently.

Toswitch the computer screen inclination, struck the along keys and keep for about 3 a few moments.

Toadjust the watts or existing 1st have about the as well as or subtracting to discover the screen and after that change it the moment unlocked.


Theoutside on the package states that the the bare minimum challenge is .3ohm, but inside the guide this process states that the Coolfire Intravenous can hearth right down to .2ohm.I will state to the present and our Coolfire 4 have hearth as a result of .2ohm.


I do think the car battery our life is excellent for the Coolfire 4 as a 2000mAh battery.To get a comparability the iStick 30W is 2200mAh.The Coolfire Four can last which you beneficial day’s heavyish esmoking over a .5ohm coils.Increased opposition builds and a lot more nominal vaping usually means the electric battery really should very last several days.It potential is bigger from the mod is quite superior, however would have liked to get witnessed an extra 500-1000mAh the very next time! It’s or a confident nor a bad hence I have got pointed out it here.

Youcharge electric battery throughout the Universal serial bus move through replenisher and it also normally takes several hours thoroughly cost.


TheInnokin Coolfire Four that will fire from 6-40W, which can be quite quality.I would personally have beloved to check out it shoot marginally bigger, to potentially 60W, however feel the Coolfire 4 is geared toward people who want to vape at cheaper wattages, which happens to be okay.

PowerButton Colorings

The energy press button will light various shades depending on the battery left.Green implies nearly absolutely incurred, yellowish fifty percent electricity and crimson usually means minimal power!


SuperSexy Layout

Innokin Coolfire 4 Handcheck

My cousin and that i just adore the good looks of the product.It comes in some great diverse hues likewise.We have now the crimson Coolfire Intravenous and really enjoy it.As mentioned earlier, it pretty much is not going to appear like a package mod any more simply because of its ergonomic office style and streamlined contours.They fit extremely inside your hand and is the similar sort of sizing as the iStick 50W.Nonetheless, because of luxurious set it up seems lot more compact and certainly appears like a much higher top quality gadget than the somewhat plasticky iStick 50W.


Innokin Coolfire Four Vent out Divots

This was the most significant good things with this mini common box mod.The covered lightweight aluminum finish on teh lateral side thinks high and wonderful quality.Incredibly more on the list of pre-creation Coolfire 4 spades, in the Vaporfair in Frankfurt and during the time the plus and subtracting buttons rattled.This has been addressed that i’m able to say they not shake, which really will help increase the excellent experience in this product.The keys click on very properly as well as tv screen demonstrates to you each of the data you need (although is a little bit within the small section! ).

SpringLoaded Pin number

The Coolfire 4 includes a nice early spring filled pin number, this means your holding tanks will fit good and eliminate on the machine.The threads is chrome steel and it’s buttery clean when linking an army tank in it.The Coolfire IV set up also comes with a confidence adaptor, the great touching in case you must use an self confidence type clearomizer.

ManualOnFor eachOut of Switch

I like that this Coolfire IV comes with a manual off and on change on the base on the machine.I have not observed this on any devices and I love it.Also you can shut down the extender by showing up in the strength control key thrice.

Price tag

Innokinhave got some once costly goods during the past, although the Coolfire Intravenous i believe is an excellent offer at around Bucks37.99.I believe if you’d like a 30-40W device then the Coolfire IV is definitely an total rob, when you will not be finding such a high quality with this value from another company!

SuperSexy Pattern

Innokin Coolfire IV Handcheck

My friend so i really love the appearance in this unit.It is made in some really nice diverse colorings also.We have now the purple Coolfire 4 and absolutely love it.As mentioned earlier, it virtually isn’t going to mimic a common box mod any longer simply because of its ergonomic office design and modern shapes.They can fit superbly in your palm and is the same almost size since the iStick 50W.Nonetheless, because modern set it up believes whole lot lesser and indeed seems like a much higher top quality system compared to the relatively plasticky iStick 50W.


Innokin Coolfire Four Vent out Pockets

This was one of the greatest advantages with this particular smaller common box mod.The brushed aluminium end externally thinks wonderful and really high quality.I used on the list of before-development Coolfire 4 spades, with the Vaporfair in Frankfurt and at that time the and also and take away control buttons rattled.It really is been tackled exactly what content to say they no longer tremble, which seriously aids improve the excellent really feel on this gadget.The control buttons press extremely perfectly along with the display screen tells you each of the data you’ll need (though is a little for the compact side! If it.Also you can shut down the extender by punching the strength option 3 times.


Innokinhave experienced some infamously high in price solutions in the past, though the Coolfire IV for me is a good option around Money37.99.I’m sure if you are looking a 30-40W gadget then this Coolfire Four is an overall take, when you will not be finding this particular high quality in this cost from an additional product, ).

SpringLoaded Flag

The Coolfire Four includes a great springtime loaded pin number, so this means all of your current aquariums will healthy great and purge in the unit.The threading is stainless which is buttery simple when fixing a tank into it.The Coolfire IV set up also offers an vanity card, which is a good effect for individuals who must use an confidence model clearomizer.

ManualOnFor eachOff Move

I love the Coolfire Intravenous has an information on / off swap on the bottom from the product.I have not viewed this on any gadgets and i also as!

Does not like


This wasn’t a worry for me, as luckily for us my eyesight still is excellent, however for individuals fewer fortunate, this is an issue! The display could consequently be considered a tiny bit greater, as currently it is extremely little.

Battery pack

InnokinCoolfire Intravenous, iStick 50W and iStick 30W

I reported previously that this 2000mAh electric battery around the Coolfire IV had been not a negative or positive, nevertheless i have changed my head and still find it modest adverse.The Coolfire 4 isn’t that more compact in comparison to the iStick 50W, thus i imagine they are able to have a battery power that has a more substantial power volume.

Regardless of it resembling you are able to take out the battery, from looking at the bottom level with the gadget, it is actually non easily removed.I know could have enjoyed a removable 18650 battery power for this gadget as I really like to charge my electric batteries in a appropriate Nitecore wall charger and also replace them out to ensure I am able to continue on esmoking.


This wasn’t a challenge in my situation, as fortunately my sight remains to be pretty good, nevertheless for those fewer blessed, this really is a difficulty! Apart from that there is not that everything to whine about with this particular system whatsoever.We love the Coolfire Intravenous along with Buck37.99,I think it is a terrific value for precisely what is a amazing 40W package mod.It is just a excellent package mod for first timers and in addition individuals which be using the entire 40Ws and heating right down to the cheaper resistances.

Ifyou are seeking a 30-40W machine then I do not be reluctant to discover the Coolfire Four.

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Spend less 10Percentage down below while using the promotional code, although the computer screen could therefore be a touch even bigger, as at the moment it is quite smaller.

Electric battery

InnokinCoolfire IV, iStick 50W and iStick 30W

I claimed over that this 2000mAh electric battery to the Coolfire Intravenous isn’t the best good or bad, nonetheless have modified my thoughts and believe that it is a little damaging.The Coolfire Intravenous is not that more compact as opposed to iStick 50W, so I assume they will manage a power with a more substantial battery ability.

Irrespective of it resembling you’ll be able to take away the battery power, from going through the bottom from the unit, it is actually non easily-removed.I personally would’ve loved a easily-removed 18650 battery power during this gadget as I really like to fee my battery power within a proper Nitecore wall charger and also swap them out to make sure I am able to go on esmoking.


Weabsolutely adored the Coolfire IV along with its brilliant seems to be and superior make.I’m sure finally the Coolfire brand actually was living about its brand and crafted a definitely “cool” searching unit that works well.The blown lightweight alloy end thinks fantastic and the product sits perfectly inside your give.I would personally have preferred a easily-removed 18650 battery power in the Coolfire and a a little bit much larger tv screen: V360

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1 .Some reductions are dependent in your location.

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