Kanger Nebox Review

By | December 12, 2017

Kanger NEBOX Intro

Currently we examine the “all in one” system by Kanger named the Nebox.The Nebox is sort of a Joyetech Ourite-Traction on steroid drugs are often for sub-contract ohm and heat manage esmoking.The Kanger Nebox has an substantial built in 10ml water tank and will turn up to 60W in wattage function.The Nebox includes a technical staffing , mode, and that is Kanger’s initially attempt for heat control esmoking.The Nebox comes with new Stainless steel up and down coils for wattage mode as well as a .15ohm Ni200 coil for temp method.


Does the Nebox surpass the hype around its start? Uncover down below.

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KangerNEBOX Specific features and Features

Equipment Information

Kanger NEBOX Program Content material

1x Kanger Nebox (With Before-Fitted Ni200 Coil nailers .15ohm)

1x Designed-In Nebox 10ml Aquarium

1x Little RBA Coil

1x SSOCC Up and down Coils (.5ohm)

1x Hardware Asking Cable television

1x Black color battery power includes


Kanger NEBOX next to KBOX Minuscule

Fish tank Volume: 10ML

Result: 60W

Bare minimum Amount of resistance: .15ohm

Battery pack: Individual 18650 (Exchangeable Versus Sold Separately)

Heat range Command

Drip Suggestion: Delrin 510 Drip Tip

Charging: Tiny-Flash Asking for Harbour for Move Across

Shades: Black, Baby Blue, White and red

Length and width: 86mm back button 58mm by 22.8mm

Designed-In 10mL Sub-contract-Ohm Water tank

Well known Remarks

Paperwork about the New Rings

Kanger NEBOX RDAPerNEBOX .5PerNEBOX Ni200AndSubtank Smaller .5OrAim .3

The newest circles are not pack the same shape as the previous Kanger rings.Even so, you should use that old curls while in the Nebox as well as new rings will also be upwards compatible around the older Kanger Subtanks.The modern rings for normal electricity manner (.5, 1.2 & 1.5ohm) are Stainless-steel.Kanger have validated that it’s this that they may shift all of their coils to going forward.The latest SSOCC temperature circles gave me some misunderstandings as on the outside of this area it said .15ohm SSOCC after which it for the “using guide” it states that Ni200 .15ohm coil.Following e-mailing with Kanger they’ve said that the .15ohm technical staffing , management coils, is usually utilizing Ni200 with the cord per se, although the property in the coil is manufactured out of Stainless Steel.Hopefully clears up any bafflement any one is having your!

Suggestion: If it is the latest coils, you end up picking certainly, or else it’s going to maintain your challenge on the past coils, make certain when investing in the latest coil nailers, anytime the Nebox requires.In case the machine does not find out concern, twist the coverage away from a bit colliding with the fire control key, therefore it displays 9.999ohms.Now when fucking the top again on, it has to ask you the use of a new coil or otherwise.

Vaping the .5ohm SSOCC (Steel)

Kanger NEBOX .5 Coil nailers

The advisable wattage vary to the Kanger Nebox is 15-50W.

Wevaped the Nebox making use of Fa-Queen 75Percentage VG at the-liquid.

15W– Absolutely nothing

20W – A whisp of flavoring

30W – I examine vape this under close to 25W. 30W makes nice cool ambiance of vapour and all right taste

35W – More substantial fumes and a somewhat much more enjoyable vape.Flavour continue to marginally modest.

40W– The taste is becoming marginally better, and heat intelligent this is when I’d personally almost certainly remain for that which I love.The atmosphere are pretty large.

45W – Massive environment along with a awesome warm vape, without the need of signal of any burnt visitors.The taste is already commencing to seriously are available by way of.Quality wise, pretty just like previous Kanger coil nailers that i’m not realizing any major advancement concerning flavoring.

50W– Verging using a burned attack using my 75% VG fruit juice.It is noteworthy suggest keeping yourself below 50W.

I absolutely relished esmoking the .5 SSOCC around 40-45W by using a 75Percentage VG at the-drink.

Vaping the .15ohm Ni200 in Technical staffing , Setting

Vaping the Kangertech NEBOX.Esmoking it around the ni200 .15ohm at 300°C at 40W.Evaluate inward! Numbervaping Numbervaping360 #vape #vaper Numbervapes Numberboxmod #vapemod #vapeporn Numbervapour Numberwater vapor Numbervaperz

Ein von Vaping360 (Atvaping360) gepostetes Online video media am 6. Nov 2015 ium 6: 49 Uhr

The Nebox .15ohm Ni200 coil go, vaped really well in temps style.This is Kanger’s initial work for balance temp handle but it has a tendency to perform nicely.For me personally I’m not that into your overall temp command happening and prefer to vape on regular Kanthal or SS rings.That being said the taste on the warmth coils really is excellent.When it comes to essence this can be the most popular Ni200 coils We’ve tried out at this point.I ran across there is diminished amount of that standard cool Ni200PerNickel aftertaste you get from some Ni200 temps command coils.

Notes on the New Coils

Kanger NEBOX RDAPerNEBOX .5OrNEBOX Ni200AndSubtank Minuscule .5VersusAspire .3

The newest curls won’t be pack in the shape of the first sort Kanger curls.Nevertheless, you can utilize the existing circles within the Nebox as well as the new curls will also be upwards agreeable around the elderly Kanger Subtanks.The brand new circles for regular electrical power mode (.5, 1.2 & 1.5ohm) at the moment are Metal.Kanger have proved that and this they will likely move a bunch of their coil nailers to to come.The modern SSOCC technical staffing , coil nailers provided me with some dilemma as on the exterior of your box it reported .15ohm SSOCC and after that to the “using guide” it states Ni200 .15ohm coil nailers.Following mailing with Kanger they may have stated that the .15ohm temperature control coil, is definitely applying Ni200 for your line themselves, though the property of your coils is produced with Chrome Steel.Hopefully opens up up any bafflement anyone is start!

Hint: Ensure when investing in a different coil, any time the Nebox asks if it is a different coils, you ultimately choose without a doubt, otherwise it is going to keep the weight in the prior coil.If your product doesn’t ask this query, mess the quilt down somewhat colliding with the fireplace option, in order that it shows 9.999ohms.Now when screwing out the hat back on, it has to inquire if you use the latest coils or otherwise.

Esmoking the .5ohm SSOCC (Stainless Steel)

Kanger NEBOX .5 Coil

The recommended watts variety for any Kanger Nebox is 15-50W.

Wevaped the Nebox utilizing Fa-T 75Pct VG at the-juices.

15W– Nothing at all

20W – A whisp of taste

30W – I do not vape this beneath about 25W. 30W produces great neat clouds of fumes and okay flavor

35W – Bigger vapour along with a slightly hotter vape.Quality still a little modest.

40W– The tastes is to get a bit improved, and heat wise this is when I’d personally likely remain for which I favor.The environment are quite significant.

45W – Significant environment and also a pleasant comfy vape, without symptom of any burnt traffic.The tastes is currently needs to actually come through.Flavour clever, fairly the same as the outdated Kanger rings with this particular not noticing any large progress concerning flavor.

50W– Verging for a burned up reach now with my 75Per cent VG juice.I had highly recommend being beneath 50W.

I seriously appreciated vaping the .5 SSOCC at around 40-45W by using a 75Pct VG age-fruit juice.

Esmoking the .15ohm Ni200 in Temperature Function

Vaping the Kangertech NEBOX.Vaping it within the ni200 .15ohm at 300°C at 40W.Assessment inward! Numbervaping Numbervaping360 #vape #vaper Numbervapes #boxmod Numbervapemod #vapeporn Numberfumes Numbervapor Numbervaperz

Ein von Vaping360 (-vaping360) gepostetes Training video am 6. November 2015 ium 6: 49 Uhr

The Nebox .15ohm Ni200 coil nailers travel, vaped really well in temp style.This can be Kanger’s first attempt for heat regulate and it also has a tendency to get the job done rather well.Individually I am not that in to the whole temperature regulate sensation and like to vape on normal Kanthal or Stainless steel circles.While acknowledging that the flavour about the temperature coils is absolutely very good.In terms of essence that is my personal favorite Ni200 coil We’ve experimented with at this point.I uncovered there is a lesser amount of that standard odd Ni200/Penny aftertaste you have from some Ni200 temperature manage circles.



TheNebox is a multi functional unit, which suggests the container belongs to the mod by itself.You no longer need to add your water tank on and it is all totally efficiently included right charming looking mod.Not a soul the Kanger Nebox is an extremely user-friendly and uncomplicated as well as its straightforwardness appeals to a lot of vapers.

Aestheticsand Measurement

Kanger NEBOX adjacent to KBOX Tiny

The Nebox can be a amazing shopping machine.Kanger seriously nailed the appearance around the Nebox and our white and black model looked really lovely.The nicely made presentation raises the benefit of the general looks of this product.Featuring its last couple of gadgets, Kanger have actually reach the toenail about the travel regarding doing attractive looking items.

? The Nebox is 86mm extra tall, 58mm long and 22.8mm wide.Then it is smaller sized than nearly all combined 18650 box mods and not too much greater than one 18650 field mods.Presented it provides a 10ml water tank inside mod, I’m sure Kanger have inked effectively to help keep it in their normal tiny light in weight program.The Nebox suits very well within your back pocket and since you don’t need a tank huge out, you don’t need to to worry about nearly anything getting upset out of and many others.

10ml Tank Capacity

It was perhaps the best benefit of the Kanger Nebox mod.Because of this Inform this mod, combined with its gorgeous small in size seems to be, appealing to many subwoofer ohm vapers who are seeking a computer device that has a more substantial aquarium.The problem with numerous sub ohm aquariums may be their lack of potential, due to rate when you have by means of elizabeth-liquid on these variety of aquariums.The Kanger Nebox fixes this challenge.

6Pre-Established Temporary and Power level Options

Sizewise? I enjoyed the pre-placed warmth and watts configuration settings for the Kanger Nebox.These may be utilized by retaining down the + and – links.You will discover 4 distinct before-fixed warmth options as well as for electricity consuming.

GoodTemp Regulate

This is certainly Kanger’s primary use the temp regulate market place and i also assumed their .15ohm technical staffing , coil vaped well.It is actually most likely my favourite TC coils We have aimed to day.

AbilityChange Wattage in Warmth Function

Kanger NEBOX Computer screen

The Kanger Nebox also will give you the possibility to change your electricity in technical staffing , style, as well as the watts can move up to 60W.This means you can get in your needed temperatures faster and lessens the modernise time (If I am not wrongly diagnosed! ).To switch the power level though in temperature style, increase faucet either + and – together and then hit the hearth press button when carried out picking out your electrical power.


TheKanger Nebox is just 220g with 10ml of Juices along with an 18650 power supply set up.That is definitely pretty light!


At about Dollar60-70 the Kanger Nebox is a pretty large amount in my opinion, provided what you’re really having.I love you get an RBA area plus the two coil nailers.

510Completely removable Spill Word of advice

The leak rule is a nice Delrin 510 drop rule.This means you will use any free 510 leak tips on the Kanger Nebox.

RBADeck Integrated

The RBA deck for the Nebox is comparable/quite like the revolutionary Subtank Minuscule RBA segment and comes with a pre-put in .5ohm coils.Those that enjoy making his or her coils will need the fact that Kanger have continued to provide the RBA segment as part of the system.


TheNebox is a device, which means the tank belongs to the mod per se.You lack to incorporate your aquarium on and it is all totally efficiently provided in to a wonderful shopping mod.In this way the Kanger Nebox is a convenient to use and it is straightforwardness will appeal to many vapers.

Aestheticsand Measurements

Kanger NEBOX close to KBOX Tiny

The Nebox is usually a spectacular searching product.Kanger actually nailed the beauty within the Nebox and our black and white type searched definitely lovely.The effectively fashioned packaging enhances the good thing about the complete seems in this product.With its most recent equipment, Kanger have genuinely attack the nail around the travel concerning doing healthy looking solutions.


Sizewise, the Nebox is 86mm high, 58mm long and 22.8mm wide.Won’t much smaller than the majority of dual 18650 box mods and not too much larger than sole 18650 container mods.Supplied it possesses a great 10ml water tank in the mod, I do believe Kanger have done very well and keep it in this compact lightweight bundle.The Nebox suits perfectly into the pants pocket also, since you don’t need a fish tank protruding out, there is no need to worry about anything getting angry away from etcetera.

10ml Tank Ability

This was perhaps my favourite benefit of the Kanger Nebox mod.For this reason I can tell this mod, along with its beautiful small appears, interesting to a lot of subscription ohm vapers who are looking for a computer by using a larger sized fish tank.The difficulty with a lot of bass speaker ohm aquariums has become the absence of capacity, as a consequence of fee of which you will get through ourite-veggie juice on all those sort of septic tanks.The Kanger Nebox eliminates this trouble.

6Pre-Fixed Warmth and Power level Options

? Before-arranged temp and electricity consuming options for the Kanger Nebox.It may be looked at by having on the + and – control keys.You can find 4 distinct pre-collection temperature options and a couple for electrical power.

GoodTemp Control

This can be Kanger’s primary dip into the temperature manage current market and I idea their .15ohm temporary coil nailers vaped very well.It is actually potentially my favourite TC coils I have tried to time.

Powe, i appreciated therModify Electricity consuming in Temperature Method

Kanger NEBOX Display

The Kanger Nebox also offers you the alternative to change your electrical power in technical staffing , method, plus the electricity can move up to 60W.This means you may get for a preferred temp a lot quicker and reduces the length of the modernise time (Should i be not mistaken! ).To improve the electricity whilst in technical staffing , setting, increase dive into the two + and – together and then hit the flames control key when performed deciding on your electricity.


TheKanger Nebox weighs just 220g with 10ml of Juice as well as an 18650 battery installed.That is definitely quite mild!


About Money60-70 the Kanger Nebox is a nice ton many people feel, supplied that which you are having.I really like that you get an RBA segment in addition to the two coils.

510Removable Trickle Tip

The get hint is a nice Delrin 510 trickle rule.This means you is able to use one of your additional 510 drip advice on the Kanger Nebox.

RBADeck Provided

The RBA veranda for any Nebox is comparableAndexactly the same as the newest Subtank Tiny RBA part and has an before-fitted .5ohm coil.Individuals who like to make their very own rings will need the point that Kanger have extended to incorporate the RBA segment in the system.

Does not like

PoorBattery Go over

Kanger NEBOX Electronic-LiquidOrBattery Slot machine game

This became the largest downside with this gadget.Battery include should be unscrewed by using a coin, that’s troublesome this sort of lazy and impatient (me).After working with it for just a while, you will see that the colour on the power supply protect will start peeling away from, from winding out it don / doff.


The foot of the tank, conversely, is accessible and the street bike incorporates a perforated hold and this can be screwed off and on conveniently.

NoAir Move Management or MTL Method

The flow of air about the Kanger Nebox is comparable to the new Kanger Subtank, probably just a bit more hard to follow as opposed to Subtank on its greatest environment.The Nebox takes its venting through the bottom of the mod.

WhatI do not like is that there are no venting control.This means this revolutionary product won’t be worthy of any mouth area to lung vapers in existence who like a tighter draw.I think they have have missed a strategy here as I could see this to be a excellent for hours on end vape for individuals who prefer to lips to respiratory vape, presented its sort factor and large 10ml fish tank.Those people direct respiratory inhalers that like below ohm esmoking and liked the Subtank will definitely such as draw on this water tank.People who just like a really start pull like to the Atlantis 2 or such as the Hollywood, may find the use the Nebox a little bit way too hard to follow.

CheapI can see it busting if fallen and it also countries within the difficult way.

Challenging to Fresh Reservoir

, though reservoir

I did not like the fact the fish tank is made from plastic-type.I simply cannot come up with whether it’s extractible or you cannot, that serves to be hosed must it split.It is actually covered? It is a minor skimp on to have the fish tank that are part of the mod.Make sure when eliminate the water tank with water you do not get any mineral water into the electrics area of the mod! Be careful when cleaning up the container with waters.It is noteworthy advise using a needle for those who have one particular.

PoorBattery Deal with

Kanger NEBOX Age-The liquidOrPower Position

This is the main defect using this type of gadget.Electric battery protect should be unscrewed using a money, that is troublesome this sort of laid back and eager (me).Following working with it for your week or so, you are going to find that the paint to the battery pack handle will start coming loose off of, from fucking it on / off.

? I can tell it smashing if lowered and yes it areas within the clumsy way.

Challenging Cleanse Fish tank

, even though

The bottom of the aquarium, on the other hand, is easy to access and also the motorcycle has a perforated grip that is attached off and on conveniently.

NoAir Movement Handle or MTL Selection

The airflow on the Kanger Nebox is identical to the latest Kanger Subtank, maybe just slightly more restrictive versus the Subtank on its broadest setting.The Nebox takes its ventilation by the foot of the mod.

WhatI do not like is there’s no air flow command.What this means is supply will not be best for any teeth to bronchi vapers out there preferring tighter draw.I think they have got skipped a strategy here as I saw this being a wonderful throughout the day vape for people who wish to lips to bronchi vape, provided its kind component and large 10ml reservoir.Those immediate lung area inhalers they like sub-contract ohm vaping and experienced the Subtank is bound to such as the draw on this aquarium.People that similar to a severely open bring like to the Atlantis 2 or such as the High Voltage, may find the draw on the Nebox a bit too hard to follow.


I didn’t including the actuality the fish tank was created from plastic material.I just cannot figure out when it is extractible or otherwise, so you can be hosed should really it bust.It really is guarded? It is a slight skimp for having the tank already a part of the mod.Make sure when remove the fish tank with mineral water that you do not get any water into your electrics section of the mod! Be cautious when organizing the fish tank with mineral water.I had recommend using a syringe when you have a person.


Overallboth my friend so i truly relished with all the Kanger we’ll and Nebox be employing it moving forward as being a pay a visit to vape of our bait.I had not been a fan of electric battery handle, absence of air circulation as well as plastic reservoir.Apart from that, given its reasonably competitive selling price, this can be a wonderful little “all in one” and I think the 10ml in-made container is a good function for bass speaker ohm vapers.Its hassle-free dimensions usually means they can fit very well within your bank account which makes it simple to obtain and around on hand.Also i really love the looks of the white colored black type we have from Kanger to learn, it is absolutely gorgeous.Entire I feel it becomes an ground breaking piece of vape products that delivers something somewhat various and I can tell it attractive to many vapers.

Who’s the Nebox for?

TheNebox is an excellent unit for all sub-contract ohm vapers who relished the atmosphere circulation about the Kanger Subtank and are looking for a vape by using a big aquarium capability that gives superior flavour and environment.The Nebox also has the added benefit of experiencing temperatures management should that be some thing you are searching for.I am able to check this out mod currently being common for all those on the job or needing something to bring all over with him or her how they don’t need to regarding-complete often.

WhoIsn’t the Nebox for?

TheNebox does not have an adjustable air-flow.A high level teeth to respiratory vaper who likes a restrictive ventilation, next will not be available for you.However those people sub-contract ohm vapers who enjoy a really definitely ethereal pull, might find this place somewhat hard to stick to, as it isn’t as breezy as some other sub ohm holding tanks.

? As a result of individual 18650 and aggravating electric battery cover, I would love suggest taking a look at a double 18650 device, because you be agitated requiring you to replace the 18650 in this particular mod.You should utilize move through asking for even so.

Who will be the Nebox for,

When you are worried about battery lifespan and are also a heavier vaper?

TheNebox is a great gadget for the people subwoofer ohm vapers who liked the atmosphere move about the Kanger Subtank and want a vape having a very big water tank capacity that gives very good atmosphere and quality.The Nebox has the benefit of the added benefit of needing temp management must that be one thing you are looking at.I will see this mod becoming preferred for those at the office or having anything to cart around along with them which they don’t need to concerning-complete very often.

WhoIsn’t the Nebox for? If you’re a mouth area to bronchi vaper who recognizes a restricted air flow, then this will not be in your case.Alternatively people subscription ohm vapers that like quite a really breezy bring, may find that one somewhat prohibitive, as discuss as breezy as several other sub-contract ohm fish tanks.


TheNebox hasn’t got an adaptable air-flow.?

Should you be thinking about life of the battery and are generally a heavy vaper, then due to simple 18650 and troublesome battery cover, I’d advise investigating a dual 18650 system, as you will be frustrated being forced to replace the 18650 within this mod.You need to use pass through receiving however.

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