The world’s first overview of the VooPoo TOO 180W

By | August 24, 2018

The guys from VooPoo Tech today presented their new mod “VooPoo TOO”, and we already had time to use it, so we read the review 

❗️We have an Engineering Sample, so the build quality is worse than in the final version.
Mod is available in black and silver, and with 4 types of covers.
We came to a version in black with a chameleon.


Complete set: mod, cable, waste paper.
1 battery – 5W-80W | 3.2V-4.2V
2 batteries – 5W-180W | 6.4V-8.5V
Support resistance up to 0.05 ohm, both in the TC mode and VW.
A landing place under 30 mm tanks.
It is possible to flash via USB.
There is a battery balance and 8 degrees of protection.
Height 88mm, Width 54mm, thickness 33mm. Weight 192 grams without batteries.
The mod looks very elegant, it is much more pleasant to hold it in the hand than the DRAG, but the rectangular form factor is not the best option in terms of ergonomics.
The fashion case is made entirely of anodized aluminum. Inserts on the lids of the battery compartments are made from metal, but the pattern with the texture seems to be a sticker and it will be very much rubbed off because of the convex center.
❗️Tactile fashion is felt in your hands cheaply, and there is no feeling that you have a really good thing in your hands.
Again, I remind you that this is an engineering sample and in the sales  version of these problems, most likely there will not be.
Covers move badly, often stick and stop, it also happens that when you open the lid is simply removed from the grooves. (the covers can be swapped, or set with a different pattern, but that’s where to get them and how much they cost is not known).
Buttons dangle, spin and ring like a rattle.
Button response speed: in the DRAG 157W the reaction rate was simply instantaneous 0.025 sec. In this fashion they surpassed themselves, and surpassed so much that they write different data on the box (0.015 sec) and on the site (0.010 sec), it seems that they are not yet determined which is better, true or marketing.
I do not particularly understand why they did two work options. With one and two batteries. After all, the sense of boxmodes with one battery, in a small amount. But they did it right. In the variant with one battery, the mod fires up to 80W, with two 180W, I can not say how honest these 180W, but it fries much stronger than the DRAG at the maximum 157W.
With one battery only works in the “A” compartment. To find out where the compartment is located, slide the cover and there are “A” and “B” signs on the upper end.
This solution with the placement of batteries is very inconvenient. Since you must first open the lid, fix the lace, insert the battery close the lid and repeat everything, on the other side. But diversity in the market must be and this solution has the right to life.
In the official application for flashing and customization, the device is not recognized and nothing can be done with it for the time being.
Price: while the manufacturer did not give an answer regarding the cost of the device.
In general, the fashion is excellent and fry excellent, the main thing is that in the sales version removed all the children’s sores.

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